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Digital Signage is an electronic display used to present
dynamic information electronically on flat panel displays.

Digital signs can be found in both public and private environments, including retail stores,
hotels, restaurants, corporate buildings, schools, medical centres and many other locations.

Wherever you need to advertise, educate or inform your audience,
digital signage is a fast, reliable and simple way to get your message across.

A digital signage system has three key components; a display, a player and a content controller.
Pixemate can provide a complete system for your environment or show you how to update
your existing system using latest technologies. We can also assist with installation and content creation,
and discuss additional functionality such as touch-cable screens and audience detection technology.

Pixemate supplied live digital displays for the recent NZ Institute of IT Professionals' National Conference, held at the Trinity Wharf Hotel complex in Tauranga.

Two display units were installed each comprising two 47" LCD screens mounted in portrait format back-to-back. Each display unit was internet-enabled allowing last-minute conference information to be edited and displayed. Conference delegates were presented with a continual loop of IITP conference branding & information, the current day's schedule, and live Twitter posts in real-time.

IITP Conference Digital Display